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We are an invite only site and are currently closed for new registrations.

Organize your stuff

Capture the things important to you. Gigidi saves each item with a picture, description, and link to where you found it. Each item can be shared with friends or marked as private.

Share with friends

Stay connected. Exchange feedback & recommendations about only the stuff you want to share, with the people you want to share with. Express your style, tastes, and what makes you, you.

We care about your privacy

Gigidi is an invite only site - meant for flexible sharing of stuff between friends. Your name & the stuff you add to gigidi will always be kept private from the public.

The Social Network for Stuff ™

Keep track of your stuff. Add things from the web or your iPhone: the stuff you have and want, and the places you've visited and want to go. Then either share them with your friends or keep it for your eyes only.

As the social network for stuff ™, gigidi is great for saving things you want to buy, planning & documenting trips, creating visual boards to decorate your home, getting feedback from friends, and showing off your style. Organize your stuff, have fun sharing, capture memories, and add the stuff you love. Yoga for Hope 2014 San Francisco
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